Council grants permission despite public outcry

Over the past couple of days, we have been corresponding with Councillor Matthew Pennycook, in a bid to prevent the Council from signing off on the method of works for demolition (application 14/0919/SD).

This would have been the simplest way to get demolition delayed whilst we explored the alternatives for saving the Swan.  It may even have allowed us to delay until planning permission expired on July 11th, at which point we could have objected to a resubmission.

Unfortunately this morning we saw that this application has had its status changed to ‘Decided’, and a new ‘Decision Notice’ has been attached to the case.  You can read it here, but in effect it says “We approve your plans”.

This is an extremely disappointing result in the face of the sheer scale of public opposition which has come about as result of our campaign, and unfortunate evidence that the Council are not doing everything possible to help preserve Greenwich High Road’s streetscape.

Nonetheless, as of last night, the Swan still stands, defiant and undamaged – but for how much longer?

Cllr Pennycook still has options to save the Swan.  We have provided him with a list of creative ways to use his Local Authority powers, and we are urging him to do so.

If you have not yet written to the Councillor, we ask you to do so today (, imploring him to show the will and energy to get a better outcome for Greenwich.

 We have updated the what can I do? page to reflect the new status of the situation.


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