What can I do?

The Swan is Lost

Despite a protracted fight, the battle for the Swan was lost on 26th June 2014.  There is nothing more you can do to save it, so the text below remains only as an archive – though you can still contact the Council to let them know you think they should do more on similar cases.

We are in the process of regrouping and turning our attention to other heritage sites in Greenwich.  If you want to get involved, or would like to assist with a London-wide campaign, please contact us:


[The following text remains only as an Archive – but please do contact the Council to let them know they should do more to help with situations like this in future]


Residents of Greenwich (London)

If you pay council tax to the Royal Borough of Greenwich Council, and live West of the Old Royal Naval College, then you probably live in Greenwich West Ward.

This means that the Swan is in your neighbourhood, and you can write directly to our three councillors, and the Mayor:

Cllr Maureen O’Mara  (maureen.o’mara@royalgreenwich.gov.uk)
Cllr Matthew Pennycook
Cllr Aidan Smith (aidan.smith@royalgreenwich.gov.uk)
Mayor Angela Cornforth (mayor@royalgreenwich.gov.uk)

Let them know that you oppose the demolition of the Swan Tavern at 83-87 Greenwich High Road, and urge them to take emergency steps to extend the Ashburnham Conservation Area and/or enact an Article 4 Direction, preventing demolition without additional consent. Tell them that you are appalled at the proposed destruction of this historic building, and that you want them to explore the alternatives, and apply their local authority powers with energy and creativity.

Please do not forget to give your name and address, so they can see you are a West Ward resident, and please be polite.

Not from West Ward?

Don’t worry – you can still help.
After all, the heritage of Greenwich belongs to all of us.

Find your Ward and Councillors via this interactive map.
Write to your Councillors, and to Mayor Angela Cornforth (mayor@royalgreenwich.gov.uk)  telling them that you oppose the erosion of Greenwich’s historical character.  Draw their attention to this campaign, and ask them to apply whatever pressure they can to the representatives of the West Ward (the Councillors named above).

Please remember to give your name and address.

Residents of London

A lesser Greenwich means a lesser London.

Write to the Mayor of London, Boris Johnson (mayor@london.gov.uk), expressing your support for this campaign and calling on him to intervene on your behalf.

Please remember to give your name and address.

Residents of the UK

Irreplaceable historic buildings are pulled down in Britain every day.

Write to your MP using the excellent Write To Them, and make them aware of our campaign.  Let them know that you care about historic buildings and ask them to support measures in Parliament to make it easier to challenge the demolition of our built heritage.

Thank you all for your help